Academic Writing

The University of Toronto

Writing papers for your academic courses is perhaps the most difficult task you will face at university. Here you will find a wealth of resources to help you with each stage of the process. Don’t forget to book an appointment with an ELC instructor if you want in-depth support and one-on-one instruction.

Getting Started

Before you begin your assignment, refer the ELC’s helpful resources:

Understanding the Assignment

Argumentative Essay Outline

The Bare Bones of Essay Writing

Writing an Effective Introduction

Writing an Effective Conclusion

Understanding Paragraphs

Understanding an Argument in an Academic Context

Royal Roads University’s Writing Centre has some pre-writing resources:

Planning the Paper

Thesis Statements/Research Questions

The University of Toronto has developed some great resources on the following:

Using Thesis Statements

Using Topic Sentences

Writing Introductions and Conclusions

The University of Victoria provides some excellent tips on writing from beginning the research to editing your drafts:

Reading and Critical Thinking

Writing and Editing

Writing Paragraphs

Royal Roads University’s Writing Centre explains about Paragraphs.

The University of Toronto provides instructions on Using Topic Sentences and Paragraphs

The Whole Picture

Royal Roads University’s Writing Centre offers these excellent resources:

Writing Tips (a hub of resources from APA to punctuation)

How to Write an Undergraduate Level Essay

How to Write a Graduate Level Essay

Writing a Paper: A Series of Steps (Infographic)

Concise Writing (a series of videos/slides to help you with the process)

Other Types of Academic Writing

Writing an Annotated Bibliography

Here is Purdue OWL’s example page of an annotated bibliography.

Cornell University Library has produced How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography.

Writing a Critical Review

The University of North Carolina describes the grammar involved in Writing Critiques.

The University of Toronto explains about Writing a Critical Review.

Queen’s University has a page devoted to How to Write a Critical Review of a Journal Article.

Writing a Dissertation

Theresa MacPhail, Assistant Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology, authored an article, The No-Fail Secret to Writing a Dissertation.

Purdue University offers a page about How to Write a Dissertation.

Writing Email

The Writing Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill offers some helpful tips on Writing E-mail.

Check out Wikihow’s illustrated How to Write a Formal Email.